Germs get a bad rap in this world. We've forgotten so much of the good things they do for us.

Germusu are here to teach us all that while there are bad germs out there (looking at you Coli) there are plenty of great ones too.

Yes getting sick sucks, but if you think about it, it's a really good workout for your immune system. Like T-cell cardio.

Did you know that the reason humans can digest all the delicious foods we eat is because of all the friendly bacteria in our intestines? That germs make oxygen for us to breath? They also make nutrients that plants need to grow?

Without germs our fermented foods wouldn't be so tasty, there would be no fluffs in our bread! LIFE WOULD NOT EXIST! AHHHHH!

So think twice before disinfecting everything you see. Germs are our friends too.